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Microblading, Nanobrow & Tattoo Removal, The Artisan Way

Everything you need to know to prepare for your brow tattoo or removal, how to care for your brows after the fact, and complications. This Q&A is intended for the clients of Artisan Salons, The Beauty Artisan & Co, and The Artisan Parlor. Downloadable PDF found here

Aftercare Information Microblading Nanobrow & Removal
Download PDF • 2.44MB


The Beauty Artisan & Co LLC


Those without any contraindications may be eligible for the brow treatment but must understand that there are many determining factors that contribute to the success of the treatment.

The quality of aftercare is the biggest determining factor in the success of the outcome. The better the aftercare, the better the results. Great aftercare will lead to less likely need for touch ups in the long run, better pigment retention, little to no scarring and cleaner looking lines.

  • The treatment will be less successful for those with very oily skin. The constant production of oil during the healing process will push and diffuse the pigment from the skin, creating a powdery and less defined deposit of pigment.

  • Pigment fades sooner on frequent smokers.

  • Pigment fades sooner for those on blood thinners and those with anemia.

  • Those with previous tattoos or scarring may not be eligible and will be evaluated during the consultation.

  • Those with previous permanent makeup or those with scarring on the treatment area are more likely to need several touch ups before the desired result can be obtained. Touch ups are charged accordingly.

  • Sun exposure will cause fading to the treatment area.

  • Face soaps, exfoliants, or acidic treatments of any kind will cause the pigment to fade at an elevated rate.

Signs of infection would include redness or swelling that will not subside, and green, yellow or white discharge, extreme itching or pain. It is vital that you contact your primary care physician for immediate treatment. The best way to prevent infection is by following all after care instructions thoroughly.


  • No NSAIDs such as Advil or Ibuprofen for 48 hours before service.

  • No Alcohol or smoking 48 hours before service

  • No Caffeine the morning or day of your service

  • No Botox, Injections, thermal tightening, skin resurfacing, dermal tightening or "threading" at least 14 days before the service.

  • Clients need to drink plenty of water the days leading up to the service as well as have eaten a light snack before the appointment.

  • Please talk to your doctor about considering a tattoo appointment if you are on blood thinners, or suffer from an immunocompromising disease.

  • Microblading or Nanobrow may cause pain for those who are resistant to or allergic to topical anesthetics such as lidocaine or tetracaine.


  1. It is very important that you understand that YOUR SEMI-PERMANENT MAKEUP WILL APPEAR MUCH DARKER AND MORE INTENSE THE FIRST TWO WEEKS AFTER THE PROCEDURE. Redness and swelling is minimal and will resemble that of a slight sunburn. The first two weeks after the service, the treated area will appear 30% darker and thicker than the day of the treatment. This will gradually lighten during the complete healing process. It is important to keep in mind that 20-30% of color loss from the initial appointment is normal and expected.

  2. If you feel like they are too dark, do not panic, they will fade.

  3. Trying to remove the pigment during the feeling process is EXTREMELY dangerous and will cause harm to your skin. The healing process will take at least 4-8 weeks. Between this 4-8 week time period, you are welcome to schedule a touch up appointment. At the touch up service, we can edit shape, tone and density.

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY BROWS AFTER MY SERVICE? It is vital that each client understands that the quality in which the brows are cared for after the service, directly affects the quality to which the service is healed. Each client will receive a copy of the after care agreement before leaving their service.

  1. Do not use anything other than what was given to you at your appointment. Do not use makeup, moisturizers, powders or any topical solution on the treated area for at least 14 days.

  2. Client is to wash the treatment area 4x in the first day after treatment, 3x day following, 2x day following and 1x day following.

  3. Day one (day of treatment) - Once returning home from your appointment, using clean hands, wash off the brow using lukewarm water and a gentle antibacterial cleanser. Rinse with water, pat dry with a lint free wipe or clean towel and apply a small amount of the lotion/aftercare to the treatment area with a clean Q-Tip. The area should not feel wet, only hydrated. Too much lotion can pull pigment. Repeat the ‘clean and cover’ every six hours until bedtime the night of the treatment. (We suggest setting a timer on your phone as a reminder).

  4. It is imperative that you do not wet the brows or expose them to water for the first two weeks (other than scheduled times to wash) after treatment for any prolonged period of time. Prolonged exposure to moisture, including sweat, will dilute the pigment in the skin.

  5. Before bed, cleanse with lukewarm water and soap, pat dry with clean paper towel, do not apply lotion before bandage or it may not adhere.

  6. Cover brows with tattoo bandage. Bandage is in three parts, paper back to be removed first to expose adhesive. Apply adhesive to dry skin, then peel hard plastic layer off to expose soft inner plastic bandage.

  7. Day Two (day after treatment) - You will wash 4x throughout the day. Upon waking, cleanse brows with gentle antibacterial soap and apply a thin layer of the lotion with a clean Q-tip. Do not cover the brows with bandages or use any makeup products on the treated area. Keep the brows clean and away from hair, hats, and hands that may introduce bacteria. Other than hand washing, be sure to keep your brows dry at all times. In addition to washing, apply a thin layer of the lotion/aftercare with a clean Q-tip every six hours.

  8. Day Three - You will wash your brows a total of three times today; in addition to applying the lotion every six hours and after every cleanse. Keep the brows clean and dry other than washing and do not apply anything to the treatment area other than what has been given to you.

  9. Day Four - You will wash your brows two timestoday in addition to applying the lotion every 4-6 hours and after every cleanse. Keep the brows clean and dry other than washing and do not apply anything to the treatment area other than what has been given to you.

  10. Day Five - You will wash your brows one time today upon waking in addition to applying the lotion/aftercare every 4-6 hours. Keep the brows clean and dry other than washing and do not apply anything to the treatment area other than what has been given to you.

  11. Day Six - You will not wash your brows at all today. Keep the brows clean and dry other than washing and do not apply anything to the treatment area other than what has been given to you. Keep applying a very thin layer of lotion every six hours.

  12. 7-28 Days - AVOID GETTING THE BROWS WET AT ALL COST. Avoid UV and sun exposure. This is the scabbing phase of healing and any exposure to water may cause pigment loss. Continue applying lotion every 8 hours. As the scabs loosen and dislodge, you will have new OPAQUE (not transparent) skin cells lying over the pigment. It will appear the pigment is lost or faded significantly. Do not panic; the pigment will resurface after the opaque skin cells slough off the skin. Avoid UV and sun exposure. No coloring hairs or waxing the area during this time. The brows will look weak in color and very light. After the top layer of healed skin cells shed, the pigment will reappear in its true form. (About 21+ days)


  • Do NOT expose to UV or sunlight for at least 30 days.

  • Do NOT pick or touch the healing area.

  • Do NOT try to remove pigment during the healing process. The first two weeks after the service, the treated area will appear 50% darker and thicker than the day of treatment. It is important to keep in mind that 25-30% of color loss from the initial appointment is normal and expected. If you feel like they are too dark, do not panic, they will fade. Trying to remove the pigment during the healing process is EXTREMELY dangerous and will cause harm to your skin.

  • Do NOT use Vaseline, Neosporin or other petroleum based products while healing.

  • Do NOT bleach, tint and dye the microbladed area for one month following the procedure.

  • Do NOT apply anti-acne products (ex. Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Proactiv, etc…) or lightening creams (skin bleaching creams) such as hydroquinone to the treated area while healing.

  • No anti-aging products or facial products containing Alpha Hydroxyls (AHAs), Retin-A, Lactic or Glycol Acids

  • Do no thread, wax, or use hair removal products on the treated area while healing.

  • No exercising and/or sweating for 14 days after the treatment

  • No swimming pools, jacuzzi or other bodies of water for three weeks. Do not soak your face under water in a bathtub or allow the shower to spray directly in your face for three weeks.

WHEN WILL I NEED MY BROWS TOUCHED UP? This service is intended to be a two part treatment. At your first visit, we are aiming for 90% accuracy with your brow service. Your second service touch up will be scheduled anywhere from 4-8 weeks after your service. After your touch up, your brows should feel absolutely perfect and fabulous. A good aftercare regiment will determine how much touch up will be needed at this service. If more than a one hour service is required, you will be charged appropriately for the service. People with scar tissue, previous permanent makeup or contraindications may need several touch ups to reach their desired goal. Frequency of needed touch up sessions depends on a number of factors, including: (most importantly) the quality of aftercare, scarring from previous tattoos or wounds to the area, the pigment color used, lifestyle, sun exposure, skin type, cosmetics and medications used. Please note that the final results CANNOT be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and dissipate at different rates. Annual touch up services are offered anywhere from 12 months to 3 years after initial treatment for a touch up only price. Eligibility for this touch up service is determined by the remaining visibility of the brow. PLEASE text or email a photo of your brows to determine retention rate so we can determine if an annual touch up is needed. If an annual touch up is scheduled and client has not achieved 50% or more fading, they may be turn away for their touch up appointment. Clients may be eligible for a removal session if they are looking to make significant changes. We do not offer touch up pricing for guests with previous artists' work. REMOVAL AFTERCARE Removal is a safe and painless removal method using micro-needles and acidic antioxidants from fruit extracts similar to a chemical peel without leaving pigment spots or scars. Pigment In the epidermis may require 1-3 sessions. Clients with pigment in the dermis may require up to 8 sessions for full removal. Removal is Intended to lift pigment form the skin gradually and safely with about 10%-20% expected pigment loss each session. Clients must wait 4-10 weeks between sessions depending on age and skin health. Clients should not do removal If they have psoriasis, pregnancy or lupus. This treatment has little to no scabbing and client can return to normal makeup wearing and lifestyle after 24 hours. Most clients will leave the service without any signs of treatment at all. Area must remain dry and clean for 24 hours, client may blot with clean cotton pad If needed.

  • After care should be applied on the second evening after treatment for a period of seven days

  • Each evening, after having washed and cleaned the area, apply one drop of removal aftercare with clean Q-tip. Do not wash brow until following morning.

  • To reduce risk of Infection, client must avoid touching the area or activities such as swimming, sunbathing, tanning, or saunas.

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